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Live Tweeting: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

11 Apr

I am a member of the LSU chapter of PRSSA. We had a meeting earlier this evening, and I thought I would share something unique that we do. We “Live Tweet” at all of our meetings.

Basically, this means that members at the meeting send out tweets with our special hashtag: #geauxPRSSA. Then anyone who could not attend the meeting can follow the conversation via the hashtag. We are all encouraged to participate in the Live Tweet because every person is going to find different things interesting and, that way, people who could not attend the meetings can still follow along.

I think Live Tweeting events can have both positive and negative consequences. It can also have some unintended problems.

The good:

Live Tweets are an innovative way to get multiple perspectives on an event. I enjoy reading what other people tweet, even when I am at the meetings, too. I like seeing what other people think is important. Also, if I miss something, chances are that someone else tweeted about it.

When I had to miss a meeting because of tests, I pulled up the #geauxPRSSA feed and checked what was happening at the meeting. Even though I could not get the full effect of the presentation, it was nice being able to follow along and get a few tidbits even if I couldn’t get everything.

The bad:

Live tweeting is not all good though. It has some things that bother me.

My biggest complaint about live tweeting is that I have to see people live tweet at events I do not care about. My twitter feed gets clogged with random tweets that do not seem relevant. Tweeting is good; I just think that it is important to send out tweets that interest your followers.

My other biggest complaint: the misuse of twitter. People will tweet anything. It is not necessary to chronicle every small detail. Instead, just pick out main points and things that are especially interesting or relevant. I like seeing when people tweet interesting things that happen, just not everything that happens.

The ugly:

While live tweeting today, I realized that even when done well, it can still result in awkwardness. Without proper context, some tweets sent out just do not make sense.

For example: I tweeted, “If you do an excellent job for a client, they are more likely to use your services again. #geauxPRSSA” Then I thought about it realized that if my followers did not know that I was live tweeting  at a PRSSA meeting with a focus on event planning, that it would seem like I was just tweeting random tips. This might not necessarily seem like a bad thing, but it ties into my complaint about clogging up the feed.

I think I need to send out a preliminary tweet saying that I am about to start live tweeting about a specific topic, so everything will make sense.

Overall, I like the idea of live tweeting and think that it will evolve into a popular use for twitter. In fact, twitter has a service called TweetChat that allows users to type in a specific hashtag and follow its conversation. This is an especially useful tool for things like Live Tweets and Twitter Chats that have many people all tweeting about one subject. I recommend trying it out if you want to give live tweeting a try.


Golf Boys 2.Oh

5 Mar

Yesterday, Rickie Fowler, Ben Crane, Bubba Watson and Hunter Mahan, aka the Golf Boys, released their second music video, and it already has more than 1 million views. This got me thinking about how much the internet and social media can change our views of people, especially celebrities.

If you have not seen the music video yet, or even if you have and just want to watch it again, you can find it here. Their first music video can be found here.

Rickie Fowler is known as one of the cool, young guys on the PGA Tour. He is sponsored by Puma and always wears bright clothes. He is especially known for wearing head-to-toe orange on Sundays in honor of his alma mater, Oklahoma State University. Rickie rides dirt bikes and had the potential to be a professional Motocross racer, but he chose golf instead.

I think of Bubba Watson as being a “good-old-boy.” He just kind of seems like a big goofball. He does not take things to seriously, which makes him a likeable guy. He owns the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazard, and he plays golf with a pink driver. What could be better than that?

Hunter Mahan is not as visible outside of the golf world, but he is good friends with Bubba and Rickie and a great golfer in his own right. He and Bubba do commercials together, and I can tell that he is a cool guy.

Then there is Ben Crane. On tour, he gives the impression of not having much personality. When he is playing, he takes a long time over every shot, and he does not show much emotion. He got the reputation of being a slow golfer and that did not help him gain fans, so he decided to do something about it.

Ben and his wife started making videos of him being funny and having fun. He wanted to show that he is not just some stick-in-the-mud golfer, and he definitely succeeded.

Basically, Ben makes fun of himself and his reputation for everyone else’s enjoyment, and enjoy it we do. My family and I have spent more than one evening sitting at home watching his videos. Every time he releases a new one, we all have to watch it.

Through his YouTube videos, Ben Crane has completely changed the way the golf community sees him. Now, instead of being the boring, slow guy, he is the hilarious, goofball that people want to hang out with.

He has even had people start reenacting his videos when they see him. Check out this video of the San Diego State University women’s golf team seeing him in the airport. Instead of rushing up for autographs and pictures, they started acting out his “workout” video. This shows me that his videos have made a real impact on his public image.

Social Media has led to plenty of PR success stories, but this one is especially impressive to me because Ben Crane was not trying to do or be anything special. He was just having fun, being silly, and it paid off for him in a big way. I would guess that his popularity has gone way up, and all he did was post a few videos on YouTube.

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